Work. Life. Balance.

Our program is designed to support you as you navigate the complex world of remote learning while trying to maintain your work and life activities.  We will provide you with 4 one-hour virtual sessions every 2 weeks designed to identify problems and seek solutions.  Working together in small groups, you will build a network of people that you can call on for continued support even after you complete the program.  

Our goal is to help you promote balance in your life.  By working together to identify the problems you’re facing during remote learning, we will help you develop a plan to navigate this new normal and give you individualized ‘tips’ for restoring your work-life-school balance.


Module 1: Dealing

Module One: DEALING
Identify your challenges

During this hour-long investigation, you will explore your current coping mechanisms, identify the structural and functional environments of your individual situation, and look at the specific challenges you face in each of those environments.  We will help you identify and map out what’s happening now, identify the problems and support the solutions. 

You will be engaged with a group of people who are dealing with remote learning problems that are impacting the work-life balance.  Working in that small group throughout the program allows you to hear about and learn from what others are going through during remote schooling.

Next Steps: Complete our DEALING worksheet to share at our next session.

Module Two: HEALING
Develop functional solutions

In this hour-long session, we will work with you to identify real-world, practical solutions that speak to the specific challenges we identified in Module One. These are rituals for renewal that can be incorporated into your daily life.  We will help create schedules and routines that are realistic and reflect your individual needs and priorities.

Your small group cohort will be there every step of the way for support, ideas, and feedback. Discuss what’s working and what isn’t, as you help each other to stay on task implementing your new strategies.

Next Steps: Keep an emotional journal to discuss at our next session

Module Three: FEELING
Change your mindset

During this 1-hour session, we will work together on changing your perspective, shifting your mindset and validating the need to take care of YOU. We will work on identifying what is important to you – your CORE values, and give you permission to treat yourself well. 

Next Steps: Develop a feelings chart

Module Four: FOLLOW-UP
Check-in and see how it’s going

One month after our work together we will re-convene for our final 1-hour session to see how well you are doing and make recommendations for continued growth.

Check in with your group, and make plans to stay connected.


Small Group Sessions* – $450/p 

Sessions are scheduled based on age/grade level and include no more than 6 parents

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